Helping insurance companies innovate in the evolving digital world

Thinking short- and long-term is tough

As consumer protection laws create new challenges for insurance companies, compliance can get pushed ahead of long-term growth planning. Yet with fierce competition, businesses must forge a path to digital transformation.

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Customer choice is greater than ever

Today’s customers have their pick of providers, making it all the more critical for insurance companies to stand out. Being memorable requires out-of-the box thinking and marketing that leaves no strategic stone unturned.

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Next gen technologies remain a challenge

Providing quick answers and easy-to-find solutions to customers can be challenging. Without automation, around-the-clock, next-generation service and elevated customer experiences will remain out of reach.

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Helping insurance companies leverage digital transformation to stay competitive

From data and platforms to marketing and AI, Pactera EDGE delivers the skills and experience to help insurance companies thrive.