Client Overview

A major appliance manufacturer with a global customer base sought to develop innovative solutions to streamline their commercial operations.  Pactera created an AI powered digital assistant that recognizes natural speech in three different languages.  This digital assistant was deployed on Microsoft Azure and integrated with SKYPE for Business, Fusion Cloud ERP, Salesforce, RevPro and AWS data lake.

Pactera’s Role

Pactera leveraged the Microsoft AI chatbot framework to create this digital assistant and developed a microservice management architecture and API management for each process to work with Microsoft Azure cognitive services.  Pactera used a modern framework solution to handle web presentations and interactions including data charts and dashboards.  Azure Cosmos DB was used to support various data sources such as free text, ERP structured data, voice data, Excel files, and machine learning data.  The solution was integrated with the client’s SSO authentication protocol for added security.  With data connected using Microsoft data platform, the digital assistant can find answers to natural language commands such as, “Give me an analysis for this quarters order data,” or “How much revenue is stuck in RevPro?”  The result was a much more streamlined solution for key stakeholders in their commercial operations.

Azure Cloud Deployment