Along with the advance of mobile internet and mobile device technology, consumers desire more convenience mobile bank service. At the same time, banks expect to increase customer engagement rate and enhance competitive strength against AliPay and other third-party payment platform. Hence it becomes necessary for banks to redesign existing outdated mobile bank app in order to deliver better service experience to their customers.

Functional Requirements

  • Crystal clear wealth management:
    Being aware of the assets clearly and looking after finances simply is the primary task for user. Apparently, a large number of financial data in bank should be apprehended at a glance, so that user would be conscious of what and how they operate asset by themselves.
  • Helpful and capable life assistant:
    Providing the comprehensive service not only for wealth organization but also for life assistance. A series of online payment and top-up could be done through the application right away.
  • Customized personal function setting:
    A part of functions and features, such as custom menu in homepage and unlocking by gesture setting, can also be custom-made to suit user’ own requirements.
  • New function with advanced technology:
    Scan QR code, Touch ID and other superior technique features will be joined in the application as the development of new mobile technology growing.
  • Strong visual impact:
    Show outstanding aesthetic style, high definition banner and more sophisticated icon, to better enjoy the visual experience for current user and also attract more potential customer.

User Needs Research & Expert Analysis

For better understand user’s needs, we research user and usage context by interviews, observations, surveys, etc. Going through the investigation and collecting user’s feedback to implement key findings, which are very useful for the whole optimization.

Interaction Design

Create a complete flowcharts or sitemap to talk about the initial functions and features step by step. Sketches and prototypes in sync with users behaviors then are took part in subsequently.

Bank App User Experience Redesign

Visual Design

According to the wireframes created at last phase, layouts, icons and high -fi graphics on pixel basis are generated to constitute mature design based on reduplicative modification and polishing.

Bank App User Experience Redesign


  • ‘Light’ action, ‘Great’ achievement:
    Money Transfer, Credit card repayments and other main functions have been worked out easily as long as take few simple steps. Light-weight and flattening using process, which is well designed by reasonable layout and efficient click, helps user to complete various complex tasks splendidly.
  • Prioritize, for well-organized page:
    User centered design helps to fundamentally differentiate user’s primary and secondary needs, thereby newly designing logical and acceptable layout. And it is evidently that well-structured design improve the application possess friendly interface.
  • Personalized settings design for you:
    Capable of customized function setting would be beneficial for flexibility and diversity application operation.
  • Fetch out the beauty by exquisite polishing:
    Take advantages of flat design visual style, and brand new pixel level icon to forge perfect and strong the visual impact of digital products. Meanwhile, statistics are graphically, intuitively displayed by self-explanatory graphs. It is advantageous to enrich financial management experience.