Client Background

Global Systemically Important Bank (1 of 29 banks in the world).

Business Challenge

Financial institutions have several major hurdles in achieving the operational risk measurement and reporting requirements of Basel III including:

  • Operational risk measuring and reporting within financial institutions is a fragmented environment with a proliferation of dispersant controls.
  • The systems for measuring risk are in a large part reactive.
  • Increasing numbers of specialized products and specialized IT systems add to the measurement disparity.


Pactera Solution

An operational risk measurement and reporting system was developed in compliance with Basel III. A methodology to assess, manage and mitigate operational risk was developed using quality improvement techniques. Numerical values for the level of process risk are converted to financial measurements. A dash boarding process allowed for operational risk data to be analyzed at multiple levels across business units,products, legal entities and risk categories.

Results & Benefits

  • The ability to view and compile data across products & legal entities provides the ability to spot emerging risk trends.
  • Enables the comparison of areas/franchises from an operational risk perspective and provides a basis for operational risk capital management.
  • Provides the data framework for an operational risk management system to mitigate risk. Leads to compliance with the Basel III measurement and reporting requirements for operational risk.


Technologies Used

QlikView business discovery platform that delivers user–driven business intelligence (BI).



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