Engagement at a Glance

Pactera began providing testing and core banking services to the client in July of 2005. Our testing team of over 150 engineers provided offshore services to the client’s Japanese, US, and China operations, allowing the client to focus on core value-add activities.

Client Background

The client is a pre-eminent financial services company, with approximately 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries.


The client expected a cost-efficient solution composed of high-quality services to meet rigorous standards. The bank faced challenges in organizing non-core business processes,and was thus in danger of losing focus and competitive edge. The client expressed to Pactera the need outsource non-essential processes to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing global financial environment.
The client needed to leverage Pactera’s crossindustry experience in testing services to both create and test a new comprehensive financial services system, ranging from retail banking and credit cards to capital market services. Pactera engineers faced the task of having to quickly adapt to the client’s international corporate culture as well as build domain expertise in the banking and financial services industry vertical.
In addition to knowledge of the international banking industry, the client also required Pactera to provide engineers with a variety of software skills and fluent English and Japanese communication ability. The client also expressed the need to transfer complicated domainspecific banking knowledge from the client’s headquarters to the Pactera testing center. This offshore testing center was expected to deliver substantial cost savings while at the same time also provide the banking client with a flexible, scalable, and manageable delivery team capable of meeting the client’s high international standards.One such standard was information and IP security. The client required Pactera to ensure security protocols and procedures adhered to the highest international standards. Another standard was quick scalability – the ability to bring on, train, and deploy additional team members quickly and efficiently. The team must not only be sufficiently trained in IP protection and be saleable, but the banking client also insisted on the team having a variety of backgrounds to be able to proactively solve business problems and respond rapidly to a changing marketplace.The client stressed familiarity with the Japanese banking market, in particular.Because of the client’s extensive East Asia business, an understanding of Japan’s financial policies and regulations, not to mention banking services providers, was deemed essential.
Finally, in addition to a holistic testing portfolio, the client also expressed interest in implementing select tools from Pactera’s proprietary core banking system, developed in conjunction with a leading Dutch financial services firm.


To meet the client’s need for the rapid deployment of an offshore testing facility also able to provide core banking solution consulting services, Pactera acted quickly to organize and staff a dedicated delivery center. A key component of the Pactera testing solution was an initial transfer of domain-specific banking knowledge from the client’s overseas offices to the newly-created Pactera testing center.
Once this first knowledge transfer phase was completed, Pactera engineers built a customized and comprehensive testing solution, including: methodology creation, testing process definition, standards, checklists, templates, and other documentation. This process was presided over by dedicated Pactera managers tasked with administration and maintenance of the offshore testing center.
After the definition and implementation of the above-mentioned processes, the client began sourcing more and more important business functions to the testing center as well as began the first steps of acquiring the Pactera core banking solution. Specific testing services Pactera offered the client included:

  • System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Business As Usual (BAU) testing

Pactera also used the testing center to perform business process outsourcing (BPO)services to multiple departments within the client, including both the finance and card departments of the client’s Japan business. These two categories also contained customer information management, accounts receivable, and credit card billing.
The BPO aspect of the Pactera-developed testing center was particularly challenging from a human resources standpoint. The client required Pactera to quickly hire several hundred BPO specialists with high levels of –as the client wrote – “patience, team spirit, and communication skills.” Pactera was able to maintain a very low turnover rate through a combination of using advanced human resource management techniques as well as offering attractive career development opportunities. As a back-up solution to un-forecasted turnover,the testing center also retained a talent pool to satisfy fluctuation requirements from the bank. As a result of these precautions, the current delivery team of more than 150 engineers can be quickly scared up to meet new requirements form the client.
The Pactera testing center continued to strengthen banking domain knowledge while also always meeting the client’s strict information security requirements. The client also worked closely with Pactera to keep the flow of projects steady as well as learn more about the core banking system. After the testing center had achieved a steady return on investment for the bank, Pactera also engaged the client on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based core banking platform. Pactera and the bank continue to expand the scope of the offshore testing center and strengthen the business relationship between the two parties in a virtuous cycle.

Project Highlights

Pactera created and implemented a custom testing methodology and process designed for industry-leading infrastructure, environment,and tools. In the course of the engagement,Pactera engineers developed domain expertise in retail banking and credit cards. Conversely, the banking client benefitted from Pactera’s unique core banking software consulting solution.
The numerous soft skills required for this project should not be underestimated. In the process of working closely with the client’s Japan, US, and China business units, Pactera engineers in the testing center greatly improved language communication abilities as well as problem solving and leadership.
The Pactera testing and core banking solution released the client from the burden of non-core,labor-intensive business processes. The testing center allowed for the client to focus on core activities and continuous process optimization.



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