Engagement at a Glance

Over 1200 Pactera engineers work on client’s projects in China and the US, ranging from software localization to high-tech development. The client has been a Pactera partner since 1997 and is one of our core clients. Currently Pactera operates two offshore development centers (ODC) for the client in Beijing and Shanghai.

Client Background

Headquartered in Washington State, in the US,the client is one of the world’s leading software companies with over 90,000 employees worldwide. In 1997 Pactera secured an initial testing pilot project for client, building the relationship to become a preferred vendor in 2005, and is currently one of the client’s top services providers in China. In the intervening years, Pactera played a decisive role in localizing the client’s software to the Chinese market as well as strengthening delivery capabilities to provide increasingly higher value-added service to the client.

Business Challenge

In addition to the testing pilot project Pactera completed for the client in 1997, we also began working on software development projects. The client expressed the need to rapidly build offshore Development Centers (ODC) in China staffed with top-tier engineers. Pactera found, trained, and organized experienced software engineers with the skills necessary to work directly on Windows source code. At present, Pactera is the only Chinese service provider with direct access to Windows source code. Specific skills required by the client included: C++, C,C#.net, HTML, and XML. Pactera engineers required extensive knowledge of and experience working with the client’s multiple processes, methodologies, and technologies.

Finally, the client expressed concerns over intellectual property security which Pactera addressed by implementing stringent security protocols from the very beginning of the engagement and, as a consequence, Pactera was admitted to the client’s preferred vendor program. In fact, Pactera Japan won the preferred vendor program’s 2012 Quality Excellence Award for superior product design despite tough deadlines and a large volume of added work and changes.

Project Highlights

Pactera’s protection of the client’s IP won praise from the client’s Genuine Software Initiative Director. Pactera’s achievement of this award was made all the more important by the scale of the two ODCs delivered to the client, with a total of more than 1200 engineers. Each of these centers has been certified by the client for exceptional “IT & Security Protocols;”each center also provides 24×7 onsite technical support and are connected to highspeed networks. Pactera also committed a international management team to the project, with strong collective experience in the IT,software, and financial services areas.

By using the Netezza system, Pactera consultants achieved an outstanding capabilities portfolio for the client’s data warehouse.

In a combination of early-mover advantage and superior delivery performance, Pactera became one of the first service providers to help the client resolve the strategically important issue of developing ODCs in China. In the many years Pactera has been delivering for the client –beginning in 1997 – our world-class engineers have delivered on over 150 projects covering a wide-range of R&D services.

As measured by revenue and number of dedicated professionals, Pactera is one of the client’s largest service providers of R&D services, delivered from our award-winning ODCs in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as by onshore personnel in the client’s headquarters in Washington.

Third Party Press

The following articles showcase the strong working relationship between Pactera and the client.

Investor’s Business Daily (2010) “The IT service provider and software development outfit [Pactera] boasts blue-chip clients, including Microsoft (MSFT), Expedia (EXPE) and Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei. It’s No. 1 among Chinese offshore software development service providers for North America and Europe” Seeking Alpha (2010)
“The company’s workers develop and maintain software for (the client), IBM (IBM) and a host of other clients, so brainpower is its most precious resource.” Forbes (2010)
“The chief executive of Pactera [at the time], Chris Chen, had no qualms in telling me that he wants the business he founded in 1995 to ‘become the biggest outsourcing firm in the world.’ We met between flights at Beijing’s airport. He is on his way, counting [the client], Hewlett-Packard and IBM as clients.”



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