Integration of Technology and Business

Due to the group client insurance business is getting more and more difficult, our client would like to take advantage of tablet device so team leaders to have a better management and control of their team, and to have a better communication with customers.

A Better Communication Device

With the tablet, sales should be able to finish an insurance order, manage orders, manage customer relationships, price calculations, track business process, manage sales activities, check KPIs, check personal information, receive alerts, receive key events notifications. With all these features, the tablet becomes a great communication tool and is able to present all the information to the clients, therefore boost the success of business.

Wireframe Based Requirement Analysis

We used wireframe to help client analyze and expand their requirements. With the help of wireframe, we are able to quickly visualize our ideas and clients as well as users are able to try the actual system. Because of wireframe, the requirement and users’ need are consolidated and validated, which provide a easier work for upcoming visual design and development work.

Life Insurance Group Clients Mobile Platform

Simple And Powerful

As designed on Android tablet, we followed Android design guidelines and created material design style tablet applications. It looks simple and clear, but everything that users need is easy to access and the visual architecture helps users easy to read all complicated information.

Life Insurance Group Clients Mobile Platform

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