Pactera helped one client go from 40 localization vendors to just one.  It helped simplify their localization workflow so they could scale.

What’s holding you back from scaling your marketing to global markets?  It’s not your marketing strategy; it’s the complexity of your localization partnerships.  Dealing with multiple localization partners may have worked for you in the past, providing partners in markets that were hard to reach.  Now your product is evolving so quickly, your localization marketing can’t keep up.  You would love to consolidate but few localization vendors can handle an end to end workflow in all your target markets at the high velocity at which your product is evolving.  There is one localization service provider, however, that has the scale and experience to help you consolidate.

Pactera enables our customers to successfully implement their global go-to-market strategy by simplifying their End-to-End product localization with innovative marketing localization services. Pactera is a mature Language Service Provider.  As a mature LSP, Pactera leverages our large global community of creative translators, innovative tools/platforms, efficient processes and agile resource and project management practices. Leveraging Pactera’s extensive experience in helping large companies successfully enter global markets, we provide high quality transcreation and marketing localization services that meet customer’s expectations and creative preferences on the overall voice and message of their brand.

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Too Many Localization Vendors ?    Try Consolidation

·   Marketing localization and Product localization

As compared to product localization where the user content is translated as close to the source content as possible, for marketing localization the localized content is creatively adapted to achieve the desired marketing effect in each local market. Acceptance criteria cannot be as explicitly defined as for user content/product localization. Quality becomes more subjective, based on client’s expectations and creative preferences.

·   Global management

To ensure continuous delivery and resource management as the project scaled up additional PMs were hired in multiple global locations. With project managers in Europe, North America and Asia, Pactera’s project management team provide agile communication and effectively manage expectations of 20+ globally dispersed stakeholders. 

·   Technical Expertise

As the scope of our engagement expanded to include and End-to-End workflow, we are providing the client testing, engineering and localization related development services in addition to translation/localization. We robustly expanded our capabilities by employing agile processes and smart innovations. As the client transitioned into an app focused strategy, with less product localization, investments shifted to marketing localization, and Pactera quickly followed suit and scaled up global marketing localization support, with very different requirements, processes and technologies than the previous product localization work.