Medical Management System


A well known Japanese camera manufacturer asked our UX team what could be done to improve the GUI of their flagship medical endoscopic system. After analysis, we focused on three areas including ergonomics, navigation, and information architecture. We helped client optimize these three problems and also built a mobile version for them to run on tablet.

Key Functional Requirements

  • Ergonomics
  • Navigation
  • Architecture
  • Combination

User Research
First we needed to conduct research to understand who and how the endoscopic system was operated in the procedure rooms.
We organized workshops in Japan with the engineer team to clarify the technical aspects.

User Personas
As we had no access to real end users, we established profiles of nurses, doctors and technicians.
Then we transformed our conceptual idea into a practical solution by designing a tentatice UI.
We tested this draft with engineer teams during a three-day usability testing session in Tokyo.
The paper format let us sketch and modify our layout on the spot.

Medical Management System

Interactive Wireframes

We turned our paper wireframes into clickable ones to give test users a real feeling of nagivation during testing.
Production-wise, we created 130+ pages with Balsamiq wireframing software.

Medical Management System

Visual Testing

To make sure that our UI would make nurses and doctors job more efficient, we tested the recognition level of 24+ icons set.

Medical Management System

HD Designs

We presented 3 versions of the UI to the test users: 1 innovative and 2 more traditional.
In order to simulate real conditions of a procedure room, we tested the visuals in bright and low luminosity environments.

Medical Management System