Engagement at a Glance

Creating an Offshore development Center (ODC) for a leading online travel company presented great challenges to Pactera, but also brought great learning opportunities. Pactera engineers initially faced the daunting task of learning detailed and complicated domain knowledge – about the airline industry, in this case – in a short amount of time. However, after a brief but intense ramp-up period Pactera engineers are now able to provide 24×7 global support for all of the client’s businesses.

Client Background

The client is one of the world’s top travel sites and an instantly recognizable brand both in the US and abroad, where the client operates regional websites in all major languages. The client is the largest online travel company in the world, with gross bookings exceeding $25 billion and over 8,000 employees worldwide.

Business Challenge

  • Upon first entering the China market, the client was unfamiliar with the nuances of Chinese language and business culture, not to mention the difference in time zones. Furthermore, differences in strategy existed between different levels of the client’s organization within China.
  • Particularly challenging for Pactera was the breadth of projects the client delegated to the ODC, ranging from front-end to back-end, and from B2B to B2C. The latter in specific, B2C, required training in skills relatively new to the Pactera delivery teams. These teams had been primarily oriented towards Pactera’s core competencies as a B2B solutions and consulting company, but now were given the opportunity to further expand and develop B2C business skills.

Pactera Solution

Pactera conducts performance analyses to fine tune workflows within the client’s ODC. Specifically, the Pactera ODC performs more than 90% of regression testing for each of the client’s new product releases. Two whole business lines are developed completely within the Pactera ODC with all design, development, coding, testing, and deployment conducted by Pactera engineers. The Pactera ODC implements the following specific solutions for our travel industry client:

  • Development design, review, and confirmation
  • Test plan and case
  • Regression & performance testing
  • Coding
  • “Bug bush” & bug fixing
  • Build verification testing
  • Acceptance and functional testing

Pactera engineers leveraged expertise in the following programming languages and technologies to implement software design projects for the client: SQL server, .net, Java, C++, Informatica, FirstLogic, IBM DB2 data warehouse, Ntbatch.

Project Highlights

Pactera engineers in the ODC would travel to the client’s headquarters in the USA for a few months at a time to build the personal rapport and acquire the business acumen necessary to deliver the many high value-add business processes the client demanded.
The Pactera-client relationship extends beyond project delivery and process improvement to include the breadth of the sourcing industry in general. A case in point is Pactera’s invitation to the client to join the IAOP Pacific Northwest Chapter as a co-chair. The first event co-hosted by the two companies was held on November 16th, 2010.