AI models rely heavily on data. Like oil drawn from roots, datasets can be crude and flawed at first.  Crucial to the success of training an AI solution is the preparation of training data along with the proper framework to achieve its intended accuracy. Incorrectly prepared training data can teach an AI model to make inaccurate inferences or even ethically dubious decisions.

In 2016, an AI enabled mobile game called Pokémon Go became wildly popular for its incorporation of augmented reality into a child’s game. Within days of its release, the app was downloaded over 7.5 million times.  Soon after, however, users reported that popular virtual hangout areas were centralized in predominantly white neighborhoods with very few in largely minority neighborhoods.  This occurred because the developers created the game based on biased training datasets that were not carefully prepared.  The developer had to rework their AI model based on new training data, a process that was costly.

The quality of an AI model is defined by its training data. While the algorithm is the brain of your AI system, the data that trains it is the meat and bones. It drives the AI’s actions and shows the accuracy of the AI’s decisions. AI systems today can be inaccurate if they do not have good training data (garbage in, garbage out issues).  Sometimes these issues aren’t identified until your AI model delivers undesirable results after being released to an external audience. Therefore, critical analysis should be awarded to the quality of data that is used to train and test those algorithms. Improperly trained models can lead to disastrous results.

Pactera has partnered with early adopters to deliver production-ready AI applications. For over ten years, Pactera has provided curated training datasets for automatic speech recognition and generation, image recognition, and maps verification applications.  We call this suite of AI training data services AI Enablement.

From data curation to data labeling and output validation, Pactera’s AI Enablement Service delivers exceptional agility and quality at scale. At the heart of our service is our 50K strong global pool of data analysts, an innovative user-centric technology infrastructure and mature program and quality management practices. Combining our global outsourcing expertise with our diverse AI data services experience, our solution offers you the ability to rapidly mobilize a global workforce while ensuring speed and quality for the prepared data, through a host of smart auditing, training and management tools.  


OneForma: One Connected Framework

When tools for resource recruitment, production workflow and administrative management are placed on one connected framework, we remove the common challenges that plague large scale de-centralized teams – challenges like lack of visibility, interoperability, scalability and quality control. Pactera has developed a set of tools on a unified framework to give AI model developers complete visibility and control over their training data.  We call this set of tools OneForma. 

OneForma is a web-based platform of intelligent AI Data Project Management tools that enables large-scale, high volume AI Data and localization project execution. On this integrated, centralized and smart-automation-enabled technology framework, managers and resources both experience a consistent and efficient journey from resource screening and on-boarding, training and production, to management and tracking.

OneForma runs on a cloud infrastructure that ensures that our service is fast, reliable and responsive from everywhere in the world. The server runs on a virtual machine which is securely encrypted thanks to Bitlocker technology.


OneForma Workload

A secure file transfer platform that allows for the mass transfer of data used for AI learning models. The platform provides clients full visibility of who can access their data on this platform, as well as full control over how long the data is available to us for processing.

OneForma Desk

OneForma Desk is a suite of versatile web apps that puts the a superior level of visibility and control for each project manager. 

1. A versatile project management platform that offers full control over your AI data projects. This administration portal with resource management, task management and logging features, as well as the ability to perform multi-layer QA on submitted data in real time, provides project managers with more visibility and control. Graphs and real-time information about users, tasks, and the work done by resources also allows project managers better flexibility.

2. A unified user database management platform that will enable recruiters and PMs to search for the best-matched resources from our global pool, enriched by comprehensive profile data like demographic and geographic information, core competencies, certified skills, performance history on previous and current Pactera projects, etc. We will be adding an AI powered “Find My Matches” feature that will employ machine learning algorithms to identify the best resources for a given job through multi-dimensional compatibility matching, based on the comprehensive profile data that is available to us in the unified user database.

3. A powerful production platform that provides customizable production environments for individual projects. Using one interface allows resources to have access to all tasks assigned to them across several projects.  They can do production work on project-specific web apps, as well as access additional features such as progress reports, quality reports or bug reports.

OneForma Analytics

An integrated platform of customized and dynamic dashboards that will provide advanced data analytics on a granular level, in order to help managers and clients extract meaningful insights from project data in real-time.

OneForma Jobs

A resource-facing job search and training platform that will improve the resource journey from job search to onboarding, training and certification.