Client Background

Pactera worked with a Fortune 500 US Retailer, to set up an Enterprise Center of Excellence focusedĀ on Business Process Management. The client is currently going through a significant transformation to streamline the customer experience. The CoE enabled the client to create a standardized, repeatable approach to process design, implementation, ownership, and measurement.

Business Challenge

The client had a decentralized approach to process management, which led to inconsistent process design, implementation, and control across the enterprise. These inconsistencies resulted in a lack of process discipline which affected the deployment of business strategy, product line decision making, and technology design and deployment. Over time a culture of long development times arose (slow speed to market). There were inconsistent implementation practices due to the lack of process control, and a resistance to change from a lack of or inefficiently implemented change management programs.

Pactera Solution

Pactera analyzed the current implementation environment and assessed the sponsorship / stakeholder influences. Next, a business case was developed to demonstrate the value of a Business Process Management Center of Excellence function. Info Upon socializing the business case with key client stakeholders, a BPM CoE was implemented, to enable consistent process design, governance, architecture, and professional development practices across the enterprise.

Results & Benefits

Our client realized benefits in process design and consistency in process implementation, performance measurement, training, adoption, and communication across business functions and departments. The closer integration of cross — functional departments allowed for a more unified customer centric approach to be taken. Our client now has a standardized service and sponsorship for BPM related activities. This CoE approach has reduced labor costs, process and technology development time, and improved receptiveness to organizational change.

Technologies Used

  • IBM Rational System Architect
  • IBM BlueWorks Live
  • Microsoft SharePoint



Medical Management System

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