Client Overview

The worldwide retail marketing team of a major computer chip manufacturer needed full visibility of actual unit consumptions to efficiently allocate resources and quickly penetrate different international markets.  They need a solution that would enable their market planning using a clearer picture of the actual worldwide unit consumption.

Pactera’s Role

Pactera created a customized data analytics solution integrating the client’s internal data sources along with third party data such as publicly available country GDP.  Pactera provided descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analysis to identify key correlations between market size, channels and form factor.  Pactera also developed an historical baseline with a combination of several factors such as channel sizing based on field intelligence by individual countries and macroeconomic factors.  They developed a machine learning algorithm to predict changes in customer demand.  This was based on a ratio between the client’s projected historical baseline to adjust monthly incomplete data that’s being collected by worldwide distributors/ retailers 

Value to the client:

•          Increases the TAM for retail channels that uncovers additional opportunities worth millions of dollars.

•          Uncovers the PBI (Passive Buying Interest) in the retail channel with the analysis of past data.

•          Develops a Trainable Data Consumption algorithm for future retail demand predictability. 

 •          Uncovers regions and geographies for future retail opportunities.

Predictive Analytics for a global chip maker
Predictive Analytics for a global chip maker
Predictive Analytics for a global chip maker