The customer belongs to a well-known internet company based in China. It is the largest domestic online video website, with copyright of online film, TV series and sports videos. This company has been committed to the development of products globalization, and the current target area is to expand in north American markets.

Functional description

      o    Based on the voice of client, Pactera formed a project team that includes PM, multimedia engineering, translation and quality control members, providing end-to-end services from engineering, translation, testing to the on-line management for client, with a high quality professional delivery.

o    The developer kits have realized automation with an implementation result of time axis automatic generation.

o    By using internal online translation system to improve the delivery efficiency which supports both online and offline translation, terminology management and up-download of the files.   

o    Optimized the project procedure which includes source subtitles production, reviewing, translating, files processing, subtitles localization, subtitles proofreading and pre-delivery inspection.

o    Developed strict project checkpoints that combined engineering inspection, cross inspection, and quality manager inspection.

o   Strictly control the quality of translation, by using internal and native language resources proofreading to guarantee the translation quality to meet clients’ needs.


 o    Completed the efforts for clients that includes 68 teleplays and amounts of movies’ translation from CN to EN, about 15 million words over 2000 hours.

o   Pactera G11N team delivered high quality services withstood the trial from the north American market.