The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their
smart TV initialization process.

The previous design was considered too complicated and users didn’t understand. We did usability testing to understand what the problems are and users’ feedback. According to our analysis, we optimized the design the results of second round usability testing based on our design show a significant improvement on user experience.

Smart TV Optimization

Get Your Users Feedback First

Seven users were tested with two drop-outs. Four male and three male users, with an average are of 33 years attended. During the research, we found varies problems including content/information, pictures & visual elements, process, and others.


Users: “there are too many steps during the initializing setup process, and those instructions are too technical and ambiguous to understand.”

New Workflow

After an intensive testing session with the current design, we figured out minimal steps of 7 to complete the initialization, which used to be more than 16 steps.

Smart TV Optimization

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