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Pactera provides application, development, and maintenance services for commercial airlines. From flight operations control to safety management, digital commerce, mobility, BI and analytics, as well as application solutions for general aviation, Pactera helps airlines grow sustainably and safely.

Airlines Solutions

Pactera's airline customers benefit from our comprehensive, specialized suite of solutions.

Flight Operations Solutions
Digital Commerce Solutions
Management Decision Solutions
Airmobile Suites
General Aviation Services

Our flight operations solutions include application systems required for airline safety operations, as well as our industry-leading Flight Operations Control systems. Our solutions include:

  • Flight Operations Control (FOC) systems for start-up, mid-size, and larger carriers
  • Flight Plan Systems and Intelligent Flight Replanning Systems
  • Safety and maintenance systems such as Maintenance Information Platforms, Safety Management Systems, Weight & Balance Management Systems, Intelligent Ramp Operation Control Systems
  • Operations management systems such as iCREW Crew Management Systems, iFLEET Aircraft Resource Management Systems, iOPS Operations Management Systems, iSERVICE Ground Services Management Systems, and QAR Flight Data Analysis Systems

Our suite of integrated solutions help airlines grow their online marketing channels to facilitate services to passengers, agencies and business partners. Our solutions include:

  • Airline digital commerce solutions including portal services, passenger B2C services, agency B2B services, tour group B2G services
  • Frequent flyer and corporate account systems
  • Ticket pricing management systems
  • Airline call center systems

Data is critical to management and operational decisions. Pactera offers end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in marketing, passenger services, revenue, operations efficiency, financial and costing management, cargo services, as well as airline-specific big data solutions:

  • Airline big data solutions
  • Flight operations BI solutions
  • Airline sales BI solutions

Well-designed mobile applications can greatly enhance customer service and work efficiency. Pactera offers passenger-oriented B2C mobile apps and employee-oriented B2E apps tailored to the remote workforce, including flight crews, cabin crews, maintenance engineers, airport staff, and marketing and sales staff.

Our General Aviation solutions provide services for customers needing simple but comprehensive end-to-end and integrated system solutions. Our solutions are also available on cloud platforms for smaller general aviation operators in a cost-effective manner:

  • General aviation cloud platform
  • Business jet flight operations management

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    Offshore Development Center and Website Modernization for Leading Online Travel Company

    Creating an Offshore development Center (ODC) for a leading online travel company presented great challenges to Pactera, but also brought great learning opportunities. Pactera engineers initially faced the daunting task of learning detailed and complicated domain knowledge

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