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The right partnerships empower even the world’s most advanced companies. Pactera's expertise covers the R&D and engineering services lifecycle, including product design, product and software development, testing, localization, migration, and re-engineering. And beyond technical skills, we always bring the mindset of a true partner and the drive to innovate.

High Tech Solutions

The vision, services, and processes to help high tech companies make transformational products.

Electronics / Hardware Development & Testing
Software Development & Testing

Pactera has built a highly effective process for designing, developing, and testing embedded systems and firmware for our customers. Drawing on a team of world-class lead architects and engineers, Pactera offers comprehensive hardware and electronic product development capabilities:

  • Imaging and display equipment R&D
  • Driver and middleware development, DSP, and embedded technologies in semiconductors
  • Developing intuitive product functionality and user interfaces
  • Product manufacturing, implementation, processing, and product sales integration
High Tech

Pactera provides the quality assurance high tech companies require – plus faster time to market. Pactera offers robust software and firmware development capabilities, and a global network of professional testers across three continents for flexible, fully integrated testing:

  • Advanced OS experience in Windows, Android, and Linux systems software
  • Middleware and adapters for business and enterprise application integration (EAI) software
  • Consumer- and enterprise-focused application development and testing
  • Peripheral device drivers and BIOS development across numerous chipsets and servers
High Tech

Featured Case Studies

See how Pactera is helping high tech companies transform themselves – and the world.


    E-Commerce Website UX Optimization

    BACKGROUND Nowadays, user experience is becoming a key to business success. Pactera UX team was invited to help client build a user-friendly e-commerce website. The website is required to: Provide diversified categories of products, each category has a unique page that

    High Tech

    Globalization and Product Engineering Services for Leading Software Manufacturer

    Engagement at a Glance Over 1200 Pactera engineers work on client’s projects in China and the US, ranging from software localization to high-tech development. The client has been a Pactera partner since 1997 and is one of our core clients. Currently Pactera operates two...

    High Tech
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