Pactera and Huawei collaborate to create digital platform for financial institutions

Going Digital for BankingSmiling young woman holding a credit card and typing on a laptop.

Digital solutions provider Pactera recently collaborated with mobile phone manufacturer Huawei to release a suite of digital banking solutions as a distributed platform service. The platform service relies on three major frameworks (resource management, service management, and a devops pipeline) and four middleware services (distributed load balancing, distributed cache, distributed messaging, and distributed database middleware). The combination of these frameworks and middle services combine to meet the users’ mobile banking and internet financial needs, helping commercial banks to quickly build a digital financial system.

The solution uses all open source technology and independent components to achieve a high degree of autonomy and control. The distributed architecture design can support a massive volume of concurrent users for a host of Internet applications including sharing and flexible application expansion.

In addition to providing optimized backend efficiency, the platform also allows for innovative customer-facing applications. The platform can integrate with popular social media networks and various other marketing channels to increase the size and speed of customer contact acquisition. The data is fully integrated into data warehouse so it can be mined for further insights on your consumer base.

Financial institutions who are looking to transition their business onto a digital platform may not have the resources to implement such a system. Digital Solution partners like Pactera can help these companies innovate faster and focus on serving the financial needs of their customers.

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