Pactera’s localization recruiting and training platform: Pactwork

Crowd based service platforms like Uber have experienced exponential growth in the past years.  Connecting service providers with client needs on a cloud based platform is a win-win situation for both contractors and clients.  Pactwork, Pactera’s crowd based recruiting and training platform for language service providers, has gained recent notoriety receiving the 2017 Smart Service Award at the China Smart Service Summit.

Pactwork supports globalization, localization, annotation, data collection/processing and digital market testing.  With over 20,000 language service providers in our database, Pactera has grown to be the largest language service provider in China.

However, Pactwork is just one piece of the puzzle.  Pactera goes one step further by providing a whole ecosystem of apps that can scale and automate localization for their clients.  This ecosystem of language service apps has five distinct features which improve the quality of translation projects based on the crowdsourcing model. 

        ·         Split and combine customer handoff files based on size or timing.

·         An automated process for resources to take on project files on their own.

·         An embedded work flow to automate file review and QA.

·         Real time resource performance rating

·         Automatic payment calculations for ease in resource pay outs.

The results of these features have made Pactera’s language services popular among both language service resources and clients who have seen a dramatic increase in translation quality and speed.

As the largest LSP (language service provider) in China, the second largest in Asia, Pactera has more than 20 years of professional experience in localization specializing in translation, globalization, localization consulting, testing, crowdsourcing data services, global digital marketing and client support. With 15 delivery centers and more than 20,000 active language service resources on the PactWork platform, the multi-language service covers more than 200 different languages, delivers 24/7 services for global clients. Based on a survey report from Common Senses Advisory, Pactera has been continuously selected as “Global Top 25 LSP” for eight consecutive years from 2009 to 2015, listed the number one in China.