Pactera has signed a $3million new contract with Microsoft in June for Speech Transcription/Annotation services in 2014. This project is an extension of the collaboration with the Microsoft OSD group on Speech Transcription/Annotation and is an important step in expanding Pactera’s crowdsourcing business as a reference case for other similar opportunities.

Microsoft is focusing on Speech Recognition as an integral part of several products, notably the new Xbox. The next generation Xbox is much more than just a gaming console, with features for TV, Skype, music and movies integrated. It’s intended to be an entertainment machine for the living room, where you can sit back and control all features with just your voice. Another related key area is Windows Phone. The Microsoft vision is eventually to have voice control replace other means of input. Hence, Speech Recognition is of great importance. The Speech Transcription/Annotation data provided by Pactera helps Microsoft achieve their target to provide cutting-edge Speech Recognition for Mobile and Gaming. And Pactera has been providing Speech Transcription/Annotation services to Microsoft for 3 years, with a continuously increasing scope.

As a strategic partner for Microsoft,  Pactera has consistently focused on meeting Microsoft’s requirements and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Early 2013, Microsoft increased volumes drastically and Pactera faced throughput issues, which made MS introduce a second vendor. Through hard work and expanding the delivery model toward a global team, consisting of several delivery teams in China, Spain and the US, as well as in-country  resources globally, Pactera managed to increase throughput to meet the requirements, and subsequently Microsoft decided to assign all work to Pactera again, and the competition was eliminated.

The success of this project is a result of close collaboration between BG2 (multiple delivery teams globally) and BG3 (account management, IT infrastructure, as well as some on-site management in Redmond). What’s more, Pactera has made heavy investment in technology. Pactera designed the entire workflow platform and most of the QA system, and continuously refine the system to enhance efficiency and quality, also in a cloud setup. All these efforts made  Pactera well-positioned to win this business and future business opportunities.