Moonshot by Pactera Digital Releases Survey of Information Technology Executives

CHICAGO, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The use of DevOps practices to improve product development is hampered by a number of misconceptions among information technology executives, according to a survey conducted by Moonshot by Pactera Digital, an innovation outpost for digital products. Those misconceptions range from a belief that DevOps requires a separate group to an assumption that DevOps is a bottom-up or grassroots approach.

DevOps is a software development practice that aims to bridge the divide between the development, quality assurance, IT operations and business teams to ensure continuous by building a culture of collaboration. A number of businesses are using DevOps to meet fast-changing customer requirements, but only 20 percent of enterprises that have attempted to implement DevOps have fully deployed it, according to CA Technologies.

Jeff Kirk, founder and Vice President of Moonshot, said, “It’s no surprise that few enterprises fully deploy DevOps successfully. Even as DevOps becomes a mainstream strategy, many misconceptions still exist about what DevOps is and how enterprise should adopt DevOps practices. Those misconceptions are creating roadblocks to successful DevOps deployment, such as inadequate resource allocation for DevOps projects. Our research shows that enterprises can overcome those roadblocks by creating a DevOps roadmap and following a structured implementation approach.”

Moonshot’s survey identified eight myths hampering DevOps deployment. The four most prevalent are:

  • DevOps initiatives require a separate department or group in order to be successful.
  • DevOps is a bottom-up or grassroots approach.
  • Adopting DevOps processes can provide immediate quantifiable gains to enterprises.
  • DevOps replaces the need for system administrators by using automation.

A confusion about implementing DevOps properly is creating roadblocks centered around people, processes and technologies. For instance, the creation of permanent, separate DevOps departments hampers the interdepartmental integration needed for development and operations teams to collaborate effectively.

Moonshot research indicates that enterprises need a structured approach to undertake DevOps successfully. Moonshot recommends a five-step approach that tackles issues such as aligning organizational strategy and assessing a business’s DevOps maturity. Moonshot articulates an approach, along with more detailed survey findings, in the report, A Guide for Successful DevOps Adoption, available on request.

“We have already seen that the major roadblocks of DevOps can be categorized around people, process and technology,” Kirk said. “Businesses need a framework that integrates those components. Only a structured approach will help businesses overcome impediments to DevOps success.” 

Moonshot’s research, conducted with an outside research firm, was conducted in 2016 via an online survey of U.S. senior IT professionals involved in DevOps adoption, augmented by detailed discussions with senior professionals.


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