On April 23rd Pactera kicked off their annual global strategy summit in Sanya, China. The theme of this year’s summit was “Journey of Digital Transformation.” CEO, Tiak Koon Loh announced his vision to 300 executives from more than 20 different countries. As one of the top 25 IT service companies in the world, Pactera will become the digital service industry leader providing digital service solutions worldwide.

Since its inception in 1995, Pactera has adhered to software technology as its core business providing IT consulting services and solutions for various industries. Over the past 10 years, Pactera has maintained steady income growth of 12 times covering more than 30 cities around the world. Pactera has now grown into a leading IT company in China serving more than 90 Fortune 500 companies.

IT Technology is rapidly changing with its constantly changing service model. Customer needs are becoming more personalized. In turn, Pactera follows this trend of social and technological change by innovating new market and business models that fit our clients’ needs.

The summit further pointed out the direction of Pactera’s digital transformation. CEO Tiak Koon Loh pointed out that Pactera should be built as the world’s leading digital services company and become a reliable partner for customers around the world. Pactera will no longer be just a technology provider, but a value-add partner that can help digitize our customer’s businesses. By fully integrating their own organization, Pactera will share value with customers to create results. Summing up the last ten years, he emphasized the importance of globalization. Pactera will continue to stick to its roots in China but will also employ a global distribution strategy.

Director of the Board of Directors at HNA Group, the Chairman of HNA Technology Logistics Group and the Chairman of HiSoft Technology were also in attendance. Pactera is a subsidiary of the HNA Science and Technology Logistics Group carrying its portfolio of digital services. Pactera will prove to play an important role in executing Pactera’s vision by 2020.