Redmond, WA 7/20/16 – Pactera Technology International Ltd. (“Pactera” or the “Company”), a global digital and IT services provider strategically headquartered in China, today announced that Pactera Digital has launched “Moonshot by Pactera Digital,” a digital innovation outpost located in 1871, Chicago’s premier technology hub.

The innovation outpost will be tasked with leading global clients through the next era of digital products with a heavy emphasis on artificial intelligence, data and continuous software delivery paired with next generation human-centered experience design.

The move reflects a recent string of digital centered activities that highlight Pactera’s strategic focus to put “Client First, Digital First”.  Pactera’s global CEO Tiak Koon Loh commented “Our new offering nicely complements our recent acquisition of Blue Fountain Media, a leading digital agency in New York which focuses on digital strategy, web and mobile application design and development, and online marketing.”

Pactera’s recent acquisition of a digital agency and the launching of its innovation outpost comes in response to the global market’s interest to shift to the next wave of digital products.  Jeff Kirk, Innovation Outpost Vice President noted “Moonshot by Pactera Digital is excited to work with our global portfolio of clients to usher in the next wave of digital products that will lead to major shifts in entire markets and organizations over the next decade.”

Organizations are racing to implement rapid digital transformation and be ahead of the curve.  The Innovation Outpost seeks to help organizations accelerate the pace of their digital innovation. Mike Edmonds, Vice President of Digital Products at Moonshot added “Companies of all sizes are under tremendous pressure to deliver digital products and services that solve business problems and provide value to customers. Through our design thinking mindset and lean innovation approach, we help companies accelerate the pace of innovation in the areas of online marketplaces, Internet of Things and advanced analytics – delivering impactful digital products with speed and efficiency.”

This speed and efficiency springs from the Innovation Outpost’s capabilities to leverage artificial intelligence and enable DevOps transformation.  This doesn’t mean, however, companies need to do away with their current digital initiatives.  Moonshot by Pactera Digital seeks to help them get the most out of their current digital investments.  Jeff Kirk, Innovation Outpost Vice President, further noted “Our comprehensive set of future-oriented services, such as artificial intelligence engineering and strategic DevOps transformation and enablement, allow our clients to benefit from their existing digital investments while gaining a clear perspective on the future of their businesses.”

The future of business is what Pactera is looking toward.  With advanced analytics capabilities and a design thinking mindset, Pactera seeks to become a leader in intelligent digital products.  Global Head of Pactera Digital, Jose Martinez added “Our commitment to digital goes beyond a table stakes offering.  We plan to lead the way in Continuous Intelligent Digital Products.”

Moonshot by Pactera Digital plans to expand its geographical coverage to New York and Redmond to ensure regional coverage for its portfolio of clients.

About Pactera

Pactera is a leading IT Services Provider focused on customer-facing enterprise solutions.  With over 23,000 employees in over 17 global locations, Pactera is focused on growing Fortune 500 companies with Strategic Digital Consulting, Customized Design and Experience, Integrated Marketing, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Continuous Delivery, Security and Product and Service Innovation Strategies.

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