Pactera was honored with the 2014 “Microsoft Best Cloud Navigation Strategic Partner Award” at the Microsoft China Partner Conference held recently. The award recognizes Pactera’s partnership with Microsoft in the provision of excellent solutions and promotion of new technologies in cloud services. As Microsoft’s cloud partner, Pactera provides several solutions based on Microsoft’s Azure platform for various industries including finance, aviation and healthcare. Pactera also facilitates the strategic deployment of Office 365, a key part of Microsoft cloud services, to boost the marketing of the latest cloud technologies.

Pactera’s cloud service has been successfully implemented in more than 1,000 cloud computing technology projects. Our cloud computing solutions give clients access to expertise, helping them improve business agility, automate processes and reduce capital expenditures. In particular, under the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) model, cloud computing is the technology basis for the ultimate goal, highlighting Pactera’s dedication and commitment in cloud computing technologies. Pactera’s HSCloud™ is a virtual data-center centric solution (both public and private) that leverages industry-leading open and proprietary virtualization technology. HSCloud™ provides the enterprise a level of reliability, combined with Pactera’s expertise, in end-to-end cloud computing services to enable fast, self-service data center provisioning, reduce IT complexity and operations costs, and automatically recover from software and hardware failures.

As a key partner to Microsoft for more than 18 years, Pactera has played several roles including partner, customer and service provider. Pactera facilitated the launch of Office 365 in China, recommends MS products to customers, provides technology support for Microsoft’s services and cooperates with Microsoft on a number of key technology initiatives. Pactera has provided services for Microsoft including hosting ability delivery mode, MS strategy value increment and establishment of Microsoft’s ecosystem in China.

With gratitude, Jun Su, Corporate Executive Vice President, said, “The award highly recognizes our strength in cloud services. We will continue our effort in cloud services, especially the Azure platform, research and servicing of Office 365 and on the strategic deployment of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft and Pactera trust and support each other and have created a long-term strategic partnership on a win-win basis. We are looking forward to enhancing our cooperation in the cloud services market, where competition is increasingly fierce, and achieving synergy to make our cooperation more productive.”