BEIJING, April 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Pactera Technology International Ltd. (“Pactera”) attended a summit forum themed “Better, Faster, Smaller: Future of Engineering,” which was held by Zinnov in Santa Clara, California. Zinnov is an internationally renowned company for globalization and market expansion consulting. The annual summit attracts many world-renowned companies. This year, in addition to Pactera, the conference included industry leaders such as Samsung, General Electric, and EMC, with focus on in-depth discussions around how to create a new ecosystem by using the latest technologies and methods, how engineering companies need to strike an effective balance to be able to change, if not stay ahead of the game, and the need to constantly adapt to rapidly changing customer needs.

With ever-shortening product marketing cycles and evolving customer preferences, enterprises are driven to meet market demand by using innovative management methods and technical solutions. Under the context of “Better, Faster, Smaller: Future of Engineering,” participants brainstormed on raising the limits of current practices to better align with future trends.

Prior to the conference, Pactera was awarded a Leader in the areas of consumer software, enterprise software, and telecommunications in Zinnov’s report “2013 Global R & D Service Provider Rating (GSPR).” As a global IT service provider and the leading offshore software development company in China for western markets, Pactera has accumulated rich experience in software product engineering, providing enterprises with comprehensive, thorough, and innovative solutions to help achieve technological change.

Mr. Su Jun, Corporate Executive Vice President of Pactera, participated in the discussion themed “The future creating the new product development,” and commented, “The enterprise value pivot has shifted from material production to information management, leading to the previous model of IT service outsourcing industry gradually deviating from customer needs. This calls for an imperative transformation in services. Based on scale advantage, knowledge base, and industry experience, Pactera has successfully transformed from an IT service outsourcing enterprise to IT consulting services business. By offering industry leading product development services and making a breakthroughs in frontier domains such as Big Data and Cloud computing, Pactera focuses on the interaction of innovation and technology to provide high value-added solutions. Such strategic moves help Pactera enhance its competitiveness and bring more values to the customer. With Smart Data, Smart Commerce, Smart Banking, and other advanced solutions under development, Pactera has made positive contributions to the IT services industry and we hope this successful experience can be used by other industries and enterprises, so that we can work together to face the challenges brought by a rapidly changing market.”

About Zinnov:

At Zinnov, we help organizations globalize their businesses and improve people strategy. Our consulting solutions are based on rigorous research techniques, data analytics and peer communities. Over the last 10 years, this has meant delivering a gamut of consulting services to Fortune 1000 customers and reputed SMB organizations striving to maximize the benefits accrued from their globalization as well as market expansion strategy.