Improving accuracy of Machine Learning and Deep Learning


Pactera Technology Japan (Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Jinsong Li. Abbreviated as Pactera below) announced that the company will strengthen data collection services for AI.

Pactera has had outstanding achievements in data collection services, especially around voice collection. These services have been adopted for AI and a number of application systems. Service features include:

Ø  Capable of providing native speakers for Japanese, Chinese, English as well as many other languages and dialects.

Ø  Flexible provision of data collection service scaling from hundreds to thousands of participants.

Ø  Capable of providing custom voice recording environment per different applications.

Ø  Capable of creating suitable scenarios according to unique purposes and situations.

Ø  Provides one stop service for voice data, e.g. scenario creation and transcription.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, the country is targeted to reach 40 million inbound tourists in 2020 when Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games, while Osaka will host the World Expo 4 years later in 2024. It becomes more and more urgent to provide voice service for foreign tourists across different industries.



Strengthened Data Collection Service for AI from Pactera

Besides data collecting service, other data collection including graphics, video and location are in the works. All will help improve the service quality of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

AI has already been adopted in different areas by multiple companies and organizations. The pace is accelerating and there are already many applications throughout the world.

But, it’s not enough to only apply AI on a platform and service. AI needs mass data for providing accurate answers, as incorrect answers stem from a lack of material.

To mitigate these unexpected results, Pactera is working on strengthening the data collecting service, which is targeting to provide massive high-quality data for AI.

We can be contacted as below for AI data collecting service.

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