AI Enablement Capabilities

Pactera AI Enablement provides a much-needed service for those who have existing AI engines and data models.

We have a global network consisting of thousands of human judges that evaluate AI model output and create training data to increase AI output accuracy. We have over ten years of data experience in speech recognition, image recognition, search relevance, maps, customer service bots and machine translation.

AI Enablement Process

Pactera’s agile workflow supports global go-to-market strategies.

Training Data Preparation
Training Data Labeling
Human Validation

Once the client’s data scientist designs an AI model, our team of annotators, judges and evaluators go to work on the collection, curation, processing and validation of data to train and test the AI model.  

Cleansed and curated data is properly labeled by our team.  Pactera’s global network of resources uses both automated and individual processes to provide high quality data labeling at scale.  

Pactera leverages a global network of human judges that evaluate the output of the search engine’s AI model and create training datasets so that AI model output is more accurate.  Our proprietary production platform enables our human judges to evaluate AI model output and send feedback at scale.

Pactera Advantages



Pactera has been fueling AI engines at the center of cutting edge technology for over a decade. Serving millions of people worldwide, we build customized solutions for every industry. Pactera trains AI models for voice and image recognition, maps, search relevance, customer service chatbots, and more. No matter your industry needs, put our AI experience to work for you.


With over 50,000 resources spanning more than 200 markets, Pactera brings an AI mindset to its global workforce. Pactera offers exceptional quality, superior scalability and quick turn-around time through our global data enrichment personnel. Pactera has flexible resource models that can provide support and solutions for any project.


Pactera’s AI enablement platform seamlessly combines production, management and data application analytics into one integrated program. Our enablement platform sifts through large volumes of collected data, identifies areas of opportunities, and delivers useful, powerful information that your business needs to grow. Let Pactera’s smart technology help your business grow.

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    A connected framework to prepare the right training data for AI models.

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    AI Enabled Search

    Pactera provides large scale data enablement for an AI assisted search engine.

    AI Enablement Services
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    AI Enabled Digital Assistant

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    AI Enablement Services
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