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Data in the Digital Era

Data is the digital organization’s lifeblood, streamlining operations and sharpening long-term strategy.

Data helps organizations make and justify strategic decisions. But effective use of data is more than a decision tool: it's a key competitive advantage. The challenge is to derive actionable insights from multiple sources of data, many of them unstructured. That's where Pactera's Business Intelligence experts come in.

Analytics & Business Intelligence Capabilities

Pactera uncovers themes and trends in your data – enabling you to take timely, informed action.

Data Mining
Text Analytics
Forecasting, Predictive Analytics & Optimization

Deep relationships within and between datasets may not be visible on the surface. Data mining helps to understand and find these relationships, frame hypotheses, and make increasingly accurate predictions about the future.

Unstructured text – from notes and email to chat and social media – is an area rich with potential insights. Pactera’s expertise in text analytics can help discover themes and relationships in the way work gets done, or the way customers speak about your business. These insights lead to better-informed decisions.

Legacy, Excel-based data management is highly manual, so data is often overwhelming, even after it’s imported into a spreadsheet. It’s also not intuitive – it takes longer to detect relationships in columns of numbers. The result is fundamentally reactive data analytics. Pactera’s Analytics & Business Intelligence team helps implement powerful data visualizations on executive dashboards, helping you understand data and use it more proactively.

Improved forecasting and predictive accuracy can make your operations more efficient and less wasteful. Pactera’s team has strong expertise with historical time-series data and predictive analytics, providing richer insights when making decisions about the future and optimizing the allocation of resources.

Pactera's Business Intelligence Advantages

Strength of Partnerships
Advanced Capabilities
Problem-Solving Approach

Strength of Partnerships

Pactera’s Analytics & Business Intelligence team maintains at least 20 partnerships with data specialists, spanning collaborative innovation, joint delivery, case sharing, technical issues, and product research & development. Pactera is one of only 16 red carpet partners worldwide for Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft’s flagship suite of business analytics tools.

Advanced Capabilities

Developing standardized reporting, focused around the right metrics and KPIs, is critical to any business. But these steps are only the beginning of strong data intelligence. Pactera helps businesses add the most advanced data intelligence capabilities. From model development and validation, to segmentation and optimization, and the use of SAS, R, and advanced analytical techniques, Pactera can deliver high-value analytics and insights.

Problem-Solving Approach

Pactera’s team is passionate about data, but what really motivates us is a problem. Whether the challenge is raising operational efficiency, cutting customer attrition, or bringing operational decision-making into real time, we’re at our best solving real-world problems with real stakes for your business and your customers.

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