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Pactera enables companies to become more able, agile, and focused.

Outsourcing has become less about simple labor arbitrage and more a strategic move towards organizational transformation. Pactera helps companies refocus on core competencies, overseeing the ownership, management, and delivery of managed services that allow customers to invest more time and energy where they excel.

Business Process Outsourcing Approach

When companies need flexibility, Pactera delivers workable solutions.

Industry Assessment
Resourcing & Training
Implementation & Teambuilding
Analytics & Reporting

The first step to implementing an outsourced business process is precisely identifying which managed service types will deliver the greatest advantage. Pactera can assist with a wide range of services, including HR, accounting, supply chain, and customer service. As a technology company, we can also integrate or offer standalone Information Technology Enabled Service (ITES) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

Pactera has used its experience in the BPO space to build an international workforce whose expertise covers practically every key industry and vertical. Pactera also provides training on customer-specific tasks and processes through our in-house management teams, allowing for seamless integration, efficient execution and rapid scaling of BPO projects.

Once teams are assembled and trained, Pactera begins taking over the customer workload. Beyond initial learning curves, Pactera creates a strong culture of continuous improvement. We invest in automation and rewards-based systems, all of which are designed to enhance the work culture, maintain cost-effectiveness, and streamline productivity.

Pactera’s reporting process includes classifying and reporting on KPIs other metrics, so customers can demonstrate specific business outcomes and Pactera can show accountability for its results. With these numbers in hand, companies can see the impact Pactera’s BPO solutions have on their bottom line – and ability to compete.

Why Pactera?

End-to-End Solutions
Superior Efficiency
Vast Specialization

End-to-End Solutions

Pactera gives companies the option of accessing standalone services or comprehensive solutions that harness the full range of Pactera’s expertise and capabilities. Businesses can explore ongoing, scalable outsourcing through Pactera, or quickly launch an outsourcing project in order to make room for company or departmental expansion.

Superior Efficiency

Using industrial engineering principles as a guide, Pactera combines the power of innovative technologies with the benefits of mature, standardized workflows. This approach enables us to build a process framework that delivers greater efficiency, lowered costs, and better ROI for customers.

Vast Specialization

From image and data processing to specialty services in IT, HR, accounting, and customer service, Pactera has the tools and teams to meet every managed service requirement in nearly every industry.

Featured Case Studies

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    Managed Services & Business Process Outsourcing
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