18 offices in China
# 1 Chinese language service provider
15 + years’ localization experience
25k + employees in China

Finding Opportunity in China

Pactera helps communicate value across culture and language barriers, unlocking the potential for growth.

China offers an enormous market and boundless opportunity – but doing business in China presents challenges for any international business. As China’s leading language service provider, Pactera is a partner with the capabilities and experience to help you enter the Chinese market or build your brand there.

China Market Capabilities

Pactera creates and executes end-to-end China market strategies from analysis, to design, to promotion.

China Web Production
Chinese Language Marketing
Multimedia Marketing
China Digital Marketing

Ensuring content and translation management systems work seamlessly together, Pactera can help build your Chinese presence online with CMS-based web content production and CMS migration.

China Market Strategies

Pactera can localize marketing materials for China by translating content and ensuring that it speaks to Chinese audiences in a way that is persuasive, compelling, and culturally appropriate. Pactera can also assist with image localization and SEO keyword localization for Baidu – the dominant player in Chinese search – and other Chinese search engines.

China Market Strategies

Pactera can localize existing video assets, adding images, voice, subtitles, or text that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for Chinese consumers. Where new video assets are needed to introduce your brand in China, we also have the capabilities to carry out video production for the Chinese market.

China Market Strategies

With more than half of the Chinese population now online, digital marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) have immense potential, as does social media marketing on Weibo, WeChat, and other sites. Pactera can develop Chinese keyword strategies and optimize campaigns on Baidu and other Chinese search engines. We also implement website analytics to track campaign performance.

China Market Strategies

Powerful Capabilities, Deep Roots

Localization Experience
Advanced Technology
Deep Local Knowledge

Localization Experience

Pactera has over 15 years’ experience providing localization services to some of the world’s largest and best-known companies in technology, finance, healthcare, automotive, media, and many other industries.

Advanced Technology

Pactera is committed to process improvement and the use of advanced technology. We have widely adopted process automation to reduce costs and accelerate projects, deploying machine translation and automated exporting and integration of data.

Deep Local Knowledge

A global company headquartered in China, Pactera has 18 offices across China and over 25,000 employees. With an international business outlook and an in-depth understanding of Chinese market conditions, we are a strong partner for entering or expanding in China.

Featured Case Studies

See how Pactera has helped customers succeed and grow in China.

  • multi-industry

    OMM (Outsourcing Maturity Management Model) based Outsourcing Management Ecosystem Construction

    OMM (Outsourcing Maturity Management Model) is the knowledge essence accumulated from Pactera over 22’s best practices in IT services area, combining with international advanced knowledge. Pactera owns independent intellectual property right.


    Telematics Big Data Platform

    Big data is coming key to any business success. But most companies hold the data but cannot use them. This because they don't analyze the data or they don't know how to analyze the data.

    China Market Strategies
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