Content Publishing at Scale

Pactera integrates powerful content and translation management, making great content discoverable everywhere.

Content educates, informs, and inspires, playing a critical role in the customer journey. But as content needs grow, it gets harder to maintain an effective digital content operation. Working with almost any CMS, Pactera ensures the right content is reaching the right audience, anywhere in the world.

Content Management Capabilities

Pactera brings the content production process under a single point of ownership.

CMS Expertise
Content Management at Scale
Subject-Matter Understanding
Channel Understanding

Pactera’s content management teams are experienced in using practically any CMS available, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, SiteCore, Open CMS, and many others. In eCommerce, we are familiar with solutions including Hybris, Drupal Commerce, and Ubercart. We can provide development support in practically any development language.

Where a website consists of hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of pages, scaling up content management can be a challenge. Pactera automates many parts of the content production workflow, from metadata checks to CMS property setup to publishing outputs.

While most businesses will want to retain control of their content and messaging, the production team has a key role to play in ensuring that content is appropriate and error-free. Pactera’s content management team familiarizes itself with the subject matter of your business’s content, so that the team can play its part in getting content right.

Almost as important as content is distribution – getting your message to the right people at the right time. Pactera’s content production teams understand search engine optimization and optimize content for relevant keywords. They also apply a deep understanding of global social media from Facebook to Weibo.

Why Pactera?

Workflow Automation
Collaboration & Transparency
Agile Delivery

Workflow Automation

Pactera has a deep understanding of the advantages offered by automation. We use these tools and technologies wherever we can to reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market. From checking metadata to exporting data from a CMS to a TMS and publishing the translated output, many aspects of our process are entirely automated. We also use semi-automated processes to translate content where appropriate.

Collaboration & Transparency

Pactera leverages collaborative online editing tools and takes a transparent approach to demonstrating progress, giving customers clear visibility.

Agile Delivery

With thousands of employees located around the world, Pactera is capable of delivering content to customers on even the most stringent schedules – without sacrificing quality. Our agile, ‘follow-the-sun’ methodology, which brings together teams on three continents, enables customer tasks to be completed with remarkable speed and accuracy.

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Pactera is relentless in its pursuit of exceptional results for its clients.