The Power of DevOps

Make product releases a core strength – so you can meet your core objectives.

Traditional models for developing and releasing products have become commoditized. Pactera’s DevOps-enabled engineering services help companies release software faster and more reliably, while benefiting from the convenience of an as-a-service model.

DevOps Process

When companies need the agility to perform, Pactera provides a DevOps approach that delivers.

Planning & Defining
DevOps Deployment
Process Advancements
Results Reporting

The first step of implementing a DevOps program involves examining the processes that products undergo in their development lifecycle, including launches, improvements, and fixes. Pactera can identify inefficiencies and silos in the development process, clarify what KPIs should be reported on, and make an actionable plan for implementing an effective DevOps-enabled development service.

Pactera builds a team of DevOps-capable developers as a supplement to the customer’s own team. We may include recommendations for workflow efficiencies, increased automation, technology improvements, and integrated teams. DevOps reduces production cycles, amplifies the feedback loop, and strengthens collaboration to support additional finetuning.

Analysis of DevOps cycles is ongoing, pinpointing areas where further adjustments are necessary to enable continuous innovation and execution. With KPIs clarified and agile workflows implemented, Pactera gives customers a detailed report on each phase, from investigation to final launch.

Now fully integrated, and KPIs accurately identified, Pactera monitors the DevOps process by providing customers with weekly service reviews and reports. These newly-defined metrics offer customers a clearer picture of how DevOps implementation has enabled continuous product delivery, and increased productivity across teams.

Why Pactera?

DevOps Customization
As-a-Service Model
Automation Enhancement

DevOps Customization

Pactera uses its vast IT expertise to provide customers with a tailored approach to implementing DevOps processes—indeed, no other DevOps approach is workable. This ensures that once DevOps processes are deployed, accelerations in workflows and product delivery offer more precise pathways to company objectives.

As-a-Service Model

The benefits of adopting DevOps as part of a broader digital transformation can be enormous—however, such organizational transformation takes time. As a managed services partner, Pactera’s DevOps-enabled development teams allow our customers to realize the benefits of DevOps flexibly and scalably.

Automation Enhancement

Pactera provides an additional layer of expertise by identifying areas where DevOps automation can be employed for time- and resource-intensive tasks – resulting in a more streamlined workflow. This enables us to use tools that facilitate a rapid release cycle, and eliminate areas where redundancies and limitations currently exist.

Featured Case Studies

See how Pactera’s DevOps development teams are expanding business capabilities.


    Smart TV Optimization

    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.

    DevOps Implementation

    Telematics Big Data Platform

    Big data is coming key to any business success. But most companies hold the data but cannot use them. This because they don't analyze the data or they don't know how to analyze the data.

    DevOps Implementation
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