The Power of the Platform

Tech companies started the digital platform revolution – but now it’s coming to all industries.

Digital platforms once brought traditional businesses online, but a new generation of disruptors with digital-first business models is now changing every industry. For companies looking to thrive in the digital platform era, Pactera provides the development and engineering expertise to engage, connect, and delight customers.

Digital Platform Approach

A process designed around innovation, customer insight and your business goals.

Planning, Ideation & Roadmapping
Software Development
Testing, QA & Support
Localization & Testing

Pactera can assist with product ideation, helping to understand how your customers’ needs can be met by digital platform functionality and design. We prototype digital platforms and conduct a roadmapping process that includes a requirements analysis and the definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Pactera coders begin development, ensuring all functionality works as intended and integrates seamlessly with the platform infrastructure. Our development teams are agile and DevOps capable and can move products quickly through cycles of iteration and testing.

The platform undergoes final testing and quality assurance to ensure continuous uptime and superior usability, and to remediate any issues prior to launch. With continuous improvement critical to the success of digital platforms, Pactera can offer both ongoing maintenance and continuous development.

When required, Pactera offers localization solutions to adapt the platform for the global market, providing translation services that enable users across varying geographies and cultures to access and understand the new platform.

Why Pactera?

End-to-End Capabilities
Global Opportunities
Digital Expertise

End-to-End Capabilities

Pactera’s long experience in technology spans industries, competencies, and platforms, with skills in omnichannel digital marketing, analytics and business intelligence, and the internet of things, as well as a long history of successful application development, supporting our efforts in digital platforms.

Global Opportunities

Digital platforms benefit uniquely from economies of scale. Pactera helps businesses achieve that scale with an exceptional range of globalization solutions for companies looking to take advantage of international business opportunities, from localization and translation services to user testing and omni-channel marketing.

Digital Expertise

As a cutting-edge technology company, Pactera offers an unsurpassed level experience, agility, knowledge and toolsets that enable us to successfully deliver end-to-end high tech solutions. Clients benefit from Pactera’s broader digital enablement expertise, including its Design Thinking & Lean Innovation methodology, gives businesses more opportunities to benefit from Pactera’s world-class business strategies and practices.

Featured Case Studies

See how Pactera is driving new opportunities for business through digital platform innovation.


    Bank of China’s interest rate risk and liquidity management project (ILMS)

    Engagement at a Glance Banks are seeking breakthroughs for positive growth by exploring customer demand through in-depth analysis, innovating financial products, collaborating in multiple channels, controlling risks, and making other investments for the purpose of...

    Digital Platforms
  • Basel III Operational Risk Measurement and Reporting

    Client Background Global Systemically Important Bank (1 of 29 banks in the world). Business Challenge Financial institutions have several major hurdles in achieving the operational risk measurement and reporting requirements of Basel III including: Operational...

    Digital Platforms
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