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eCommerce Sites that Convert

From the big picture to the tiny details, Pactera is relentless in its focus on ROI.

Today, consumers want a simple, intuitive experience from the moment they arrive on an eCommerce site. Every message, call-to-action, and checkout stage can affect conversions – and revenue. Pactera is attentive to every detail of the user experience, while never losing sight of your broader strategy.

Ecommerce Website Design Process

Pactera builds eCommerce websites that boost engagement and drive sales.

Define the Strategy
Design the Roadmap
Develop the Site
Refine the Process

Pactera works with clients to identify the features, visual direction, and functionality that will appeal to the target audience. Stakeholder interviews, analytics, and competitor and audience research may all be part of the strategy phase.


Design implements the strategy, paying attention to the key elements of a strong eCommerce site. Pactera is experienced in implementing eCommerce must-haves: consistent branding that builds brand loyalty, simple, user-friendly design, and clear calls to action.


The website’s back end is critical to its business success. It needs to be easy to add pages, control metadata, and see how the site is performing. Pactera’s experienced development team can make recommendations that give eCommerce businesses the flexibility and control they need.


Post-launch testing continues for a period of time in order to ensure everything on the site is working as it should. Should the client require it, Pactera is available to continue making improvements, and testing and adding new site features.


Why Pactera?

eCommerce Expertise
Optimization Experience
Partnership Approach

eCommerce Expertise

As eCommerce specialists, we know how to provide customers with a user-friendly interface and a positive shopping experience. For companies, this means having a team of experts create an eCommerce website with such features as straightforward navigation, a clutter-free design, and focused calls-to-action that support the way customers purchase online.

Optimization Experience

To stay ahead of competitors, eCommerce sites must constantly improve, as customer needs change, best practices evolve, and testing reveals new insights about consumer behavior. Pactera is experienced in testing, improving, and optimizing websites to drive down bounce and cart abandonment rates, increase sales, and encourage return visits and customer loyalty.

Partnership Approach

From strategy to post-launch, we provide valuable insights and expertise at every stage of the eCommerce lifecycle. Pactera is always focused on being a trusted partner for its clients, seeking out growth opportunities for clients, as well as efficiencies and improvements in the work.

Featured Case Studies

See how our stunning designs have transformed brands online.


    Smart TV Optimization

    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.


    Life Insurance Group Clients Mobile Platform

    BACKGROUND Integration of Technology and Business Due to the group client insurance business is getting more and more difficult, our client would like to take advantage of tablet device so team leaders to have a better management and control of their team, and to have a...


    Telematics Big Data Platform

    Big data is coming key to any business success. But most companies hold the data but cannot use them. This because they don't analyze the data or they don't know how to analyze the data.

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