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Pactera adds built-in expertise and skill to every product we touch.

As devices become more connected – and more complex – moving with the speed of technology is a constant business challenge. With high tech expertise and particular strengths in Android development, Pactera helps companies bring their best to market.

Embedded Systems & Firmware Development Process

A battle-tested process, supported by experts, delivers quality products.

Product Specification
Embedded Systems Design
System Integration & User Acceptance Testing
Reporting & Close

We begin by creating a high-level project plan and defining product requirements. From the high-level plan, we build more detailed project plans and kick off the project. Our QA process begins in parallel with development, with the building of a master test plan, and the shaping of User Acceptance Testing criteria, early in the project.

Pactera designs the system architecture, and completes the hardware and software architecture design. Release and iteration plans are defined, and the software is designed, built, and reviewed. Our QA team creates automated testing tools and scripts, begins reporting on and tracking defects, and tests system integration.

The project then enters an intensive testing phase, with defects reviewed and fixed. A release readiness review is conducted, and the product is transitioned to a help desk / maintenance team and ultimately rolled out.

Embedded Systems & Firmware

At the close of every project, we review best practices and lessons learned and provide a post-mortem report, and may conduct customer or user satisfaction surveys. Process and Product Quality Assurance continues.

Pactera’s Capabilities

End-to-End Solutions
Firmware Development
Device Experience

End-to-End Solutions

Pactera provides complete solutions for embedded systems and firmware in mobile devices, audio and video devices, digital television, STB, and other key product segments. Our core offerings include firmware development, software development, middleware development, BSP and SDK development, platform development, system porting, and a variety of other development options.

Firmware Development

Pactera’s experience in embedded systems development and firmware programming enables companies to deliver 2D and 3D graphics, media streaming, and mobile internet capabilities. Pactera’s teams continue to innovate, providing ready-optimized and customizable plugins that include database management, resource management, transport layer and protocol layer management that support swifter time-to-market strategies.

Device Experience

We have strong experience in consumer electronics, including mobile, tablet, set-top boxes, TVs, game devices, and digital cameras. With over 600 professionals experienced in developing for Android, we have particular expertise in that area. Pactera’s team is also strong in a range of other areas, from personal computing and servers, to telecommunications, automotive, and other key industries.

Featured Case Studies

See how Pactera’s embedded systems and firmware teams are helping to build transformative products.


    Telematics Big Data Platform

    Big data is coming key to any business success. But most companies hold the data but cannot use them. This because they don't analyze the data or they don't know how to analyze the data.

    Embedded Systems & Firmware

    Smart TV Optimization

    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.

    Embedded Systems & Firmware
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