20+ years of experience
200+ in-house translators
200+ native languages
50k in-country resources

Localization Capabilities

Pactera breaks down the language barrier so that great products and brands can stand out.

Pactera has the expertise to make products and content delightful to read and use in any language. Pactera localizes everything from software, to marketing materials, eLearning, multimedia, technical writing, and social media & SEO.

Localization Process

Pactera’s agile workflow supports global go-to-market strategies.

Material Assessment
Quality Assurance
Implementation & Testing

After handoff, preparatory work begins. A team of translators is created with the necessary language skills and (where appropriate) domain expertise in the subject matter. Meanwhile, PM and engineering teams are set up, often across three continents, to enable time zone efficiencies and quick turnaround.

Glossaries, style guides, and other references are created to ensure consistency of translated content, and then our expert translators get to work. Where appropriate, we make use of machine translation with human testing and QA.


Quality checks are multi-staged and rigorous. During manual translation, a series of reviews is conducted to ensure accuracy, including proofing by a second translator, plus third-party review. Where machine translation has been used, we test through a combination of regular software-based checks and native speaker reviews.

Localization teams then prepare translated materials for implementation or final handoff to customers. The localized solutions are then rigorously tested, any bugs are logged, and solutions are implemented as necessary.

Pactera Advantages

Project Management Capabilities
Innovative, Tested Process
Cost Efficiencies

Project Management Capabilities

Customers highlight our project management abilities as a key differentiator, citing Pactera's unusual proactiveness and accountability. An independent, internal Customer Satisfaction department is responsible for tracking customer happiness with our services.

Innovative, Tested Process

Our tried and tested localization process uses a "follow the sun" model to complete work in a continuous, agile manner, enabling 24-hour turnaround on many jobs. We regularly invest in new technology in order to stay at the forefront of innovation in localization.

Cost Efficiencies

With thousands of language experts worldwide, Pactera not only has extraordinary global reach, but the ability to optimize where and how work is done. We combine automation, skilled staff in Asia, centers of excellence in the US and EU, and the global linguists to find the most efficient and effective solution for every challenge

Featured Case Studies

See how localization is helping companies bring great products to global audiences.

  • multi-industry

    Too Many Localization Vendors ? Try Consolidation

    Pactera helped one client go from 40 localization vendors to just one. It helped simplify their localization workflow so they could scale.

  • multi-industry

    Make Continuous Localization a Reality

  • Media & Entertainment

    Provides G11N service for the largest domestic video website

    The customer belongs to a well-known internet company based in China. It is the largest domestic online video website, with copyright of online film, TV series and sports videos.

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