10+ years of experience
6 global testing centers
50k+ native speakers
200+ languages

Superb Experiences in Any Language

When a product is ready for the world, our testers ensure its impact isn’t lost in translation.

Introducing a product to a new international audience is a challenge. Drawing on a global network of skilled local testers, Pactera has the experience to make products understandable, valuable, and desirable for customers, whatever their language and culture.

Multi-Language User Testing Process

Pactera offers a wide range of local user testing options, flexibly delivered.

Scope Determination
Linguistic Testing
UX & UI Testing
Localized Functions

Pactera first works with the customer to determine the appropriate type and scope of local user testing. Depending on the customer’s needs, the scope of testing might include on-device testing (in which native users follow predefined test cases), screenshot review, or free exploratory testing where users explore a product’s functionality and give feedback.

Pactera’s local testing team – drawn from our expert internal teams or our vast recruiting pool – examines every character, word, phrase, and idiom to determine whether it is understandable and culturally appropriate, or needs further editing. Our proprietary crowdsourcing workflow management system makes our linguistic testing highly scalable, both globally and within one country.

The product’s user experience and interface may also undergo an evaluation by Pactera’s team. This step ensures that product language is appropriate for its intended audience, and that the layout and interface offers the same quality experience users have in other countries.

Pactera’s user experience testing teams can also ensure that a device’s or application’s specifically local functionality is operating as it should.

Why Pactera?

Unparalleled Global Reach
End-to-End Management
Technological Power

Unparalleled Global Reach

Pactera can draw on over 50,000 native speakers of over 150 languages, including over 1,000 full-time Pactera employees with more than 30 nationalities. If a project requires rapid scaling of resources, Pactera’s global recruitment teams spring into action, using over 150 recruiting channels to meet the customer's needs.

End-to-End Management

Pactera has over 10 years of experience, and provides a full suite of globalization solutions, offering companies efficient processes that are completely managed by our team. From project launch and testing to quality assurance and final turnover, Pactera offers end-to-end management – meaning less overhead and oversight for customers.

Technological Power

Pactera's native speaker user testing is powered by a private cloud platform, securely accessible anywhere in the world. Our proprietary crowdsourcing workflow management system gives customers extraordinary flexibility in conducting user testing.

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