The Future of Digital Transformation

The emerging generation of technologies will be both automated and richly interactive.

In the digital era, businesses and consumers alike demand seamless, always-on means of interacting. The challenge is to deliver automated experiences which are positive, meaningful, and scalable. Through voice, messaging, and artificial intelligence, Pactera is developing solutions to meet this need.

Next Generation Experiences

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Pactera Areas of Focus

Pactera concentrates its efforts on voice, messaging, and AI – three technologies critical to the near future of user engagement.

Artificial Intelligence
Benefits of Next Generation Technologies

Voice-operated interfaces have enormous potential in a number of areas: replacing many existing web-based searches, providing a new channel for purchasing products and services, and controlling intelligent homes and workplaces powered by the Internet of Things. Pactera has expertise in integrating voice-activated interfaces into a variety of products and solutions.

Next Generation Experiences

Automated messaging services or chatbots have the capacity to provide users with immediate answers or solutions, delivered intuitively via a natural language interface. Partnering with conversational intelligence platform Conversable, Pactera delivers messaging services that can incorporate natural language processing and machine learning to take orders, make reservations, answer questions, and fulfill other functions not yet determined.

Next Generation Experiences

Artificial intelligence is here and already infused in many digital products and services –recognizing faces and emotions, analyzing language, and extracting information from structured and unstructured data, and much more. With IBM Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services as partners, Pactera can integrate AI and machine learning into a new generation of intelligent products.

Next Generation Experiences

If recent history is any guide, nice-to-have technologies quickly become must-haves. Early adoption of next generation technologies gives companies time to experiment, refine, and fine-tune their use – giving businesses a significant advantage over later adopters. Market leaders will also generate rich data that will power business intelligence tools. Leveraging its Design Thinking & Lean Innovation methodology, Pactera partners with clients to bring the next generation of digital products and services to life quickly and effectively.

Next Generation Experiences

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