$ 200 + million paid media managed annually
$ 3 + billion generated on Pactera-designed sites
100 + million monthly impressions served
100 + top-tier industry awards

Results-Driven Marketing

Digital marketing that drives results today – and tomorrow.

The time consumers spend with digital media continues to grow – increasingly, at the expense of traditional print, television, and radio. Pactera’s digital-first, omni-channel marketing approach focuses on generating measurable online brand lift, conversions, and sales.

Omni-channel Marketing Process

An intelligent marketing strategy, executed creatively and with discipline, is the secret to strong campaigns.

Marketing Strategy
Project Planning & KPIs
Driving Engagement
Conversion & Retention

Pactera’s digital marketing strategists conduct industry, competitor, and audience research to uncover areas of opportunity. They develop campaign concepts for clients, identify the channels on which those campaigns would be executed, and help to define the target audience and indicative media budget for those campaigns.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Once a marketing strategy is approved, a project plan is developed to put the strategy into action. KPIs are agreed that reflect the client’s goals, and baseline measurements of KPIs are taken.

Omni-Channel Marketing

We develop compelling creative and put it in front of well-targeted audiences, through paid media such as social and pay-per-click advertising, organically through search engine optimized web pages, and media earned through digital PR. We often design bespoke website landing pages to support campaigns, so that users have an experience that aligns with the brand.

Omni-Channel Marketing

When we convert a prospect into a lead or customer, we help clients maintain ongoing engagement through email, social media, and content, helping to develop returning users and customers and strengthen the company’s brand.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Why Pactera?

Quantified Creativity
Omni-channel Expertise
Partnership approach

Quantified Creativity

With digital in our DNA, quantifying our efforts – and results – through detailed measurement is second nature to us. We continue to expand our analytics and data collection to offer richer, deeper insights on the performance of campaigns. We don’t take a narrow-minded approach to marketing or creativity, but we ultimately expect our efforts to impact the bottom line.

Omni-channel Expertise

Pactera has a powerful offering across a very wide range of digital channels, from paid media through social, display, and pay per click advertising, to search engine optimization and digital public relations, to email and content marketing.

Partnership approach

Pactera seeks to be a trusted partner to every one of its marketing clients. Each client can call upon a dedicated client partner, account director, and marketing manager. We report regularly to all clients, and we ensure our reports are detailed, transparent, and insightful. A culture of collaboration means that the right specialists and insights are always available to assist or brainstorm on any account.

Featured Case Studies

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    Life Insurance Group Clients Mobile Platform

    BACKGROUND Integration of Technology and Business Due to the group client insurance business is getting more and more difficult, our client would like to take advantage of tablet device so team leaders to have a better management and control of their team, and to have a...

    Omni-Channel Marketing

    Smart TV Optimization

    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.

    Omni-Channel Marketing
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