Creating Global Roadmaps

Pactera connects customers to the world around them – and new opportunities ahead.

Customers expect accurate listings of points of interest (POI) and quality location-based data. Pactera’s team of target market native speaker reaches around the globe, ensuring clients have the capability to deliver that accuracy across every device.

Online Map Data Verification Process

Pactera makes the road to international business a much smoother ride.

Map Data Collection
Map Data Verification
Search Validation
Globalization Integration

Once the area requiring data collection has been selected, an in-country collection team is mobilized, adding locations and other relevant data to the POI base. Local resources make field trips to each target business entity to collect information, including the business’s name, address, phone number, website, and business hours.

The collected map data is thoroughly analyzed to ensure that each point of interest is accurately identified and positioned at the correct coordinates. Local data operators verify accuracy of POI information by making phone calls to the listed entities and/or performing online research.

Search judges who are familiar with the target countries evaluate the relevance of search results given by an online map, giving scores and comments, to help optimize mapping search engines.

For many companies, digital map data collection, verification, and validation are part of a larger globalization initiative. Pactera provides end-to-end localization solutions that tie in with our digital map data verification services.

Why Pactera?

A Global Workforce
Advanced Technologies
Going the Extra Mile

A Global Workforce

Our services are performed entirely by target market native speakers who can give an authoritative view of map listing quality. Combined with our global reach, our workforce gives us an unparalleled ability to verify data points.

Advanced Technologies

Pactera is a company of innovation, meaning we not only employ the latest tools and software in everything we do, but we also develop our own technologies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability of the services we provide.

Going the Extra Mile

Our team uses online research where appropriate, but always goes further where necessary. Our team conducts field trips, calls, and online research to verify information.

Featured Case Studies

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    Online Map Data Verification

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    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.

    Online Map Data Verification
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