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Pactera finds and delivers the talent businesses need to grow faster and smarter.

When growth opportunities arise, businesses’ ability to capitalize is only as good as their staffing. Pactera helps companies execute at critical moments. Its recruitment teams provide trained staff for immediate, short-term, and long-term engagements.

Staff Augmentation Approach

A well-defined process from a world-class organization.

Analysis & Preparation
Communications Management
People Management
Production & Delivery

Pactera and the customer work together to understand the customer’s needs, and Pactera analyzes those needs and presents technical and organizational solutions. After customer approval of those solutions, Pactera mobilizes its staffing teams in order to secure qualified candidates and leverage resources to support the project for its duration.

As teams are set up, communication channels between Pactera and the customer are established to ensure continuous tracking and reporting on business-specific KPIs, and to maintain a seamless, efficient workflow between teams.

Pactera uses its experience in staff augmentation to train, vet, and assemble staff with an appropriate level of experience for the customer’s needs. Our mature, automated talent management system helps us efficiently recruit staff at scale. Pactera provides a stable environment for staff to excel, offering additional training, incentives, career development, and other opportunities to build on customer success.

Pactera’s project managers oversee production quality and timeliness on a daily basis, and continue optimizing team efficiency and performance. Upon completion, a final project assessment is handed over to the customer, displaying key performance measurements and their relationship to customer-selected benchmarks. After final evaluation by the customer, further opportunities for staff augmentation are explored by Pactera.

Why Pactera?

Speed-to-Market Improvements
Actionable Results
Global & Industry Proficiency

Speed-to-Market Improvements

Pactera enables companies to meet accelerated timeframes by rapidly scaling up technical or business teams. Our recruiters are especially strong in candidate screening and interviewing, ensuring the right staff is prepared and in place. This gives businesses the ability to ramp up quickly, while relieving the burden of resource constraints, budget pressure, and headcount limits.

Actionable Results

Pactera’s staff augmentation services are tightly aligned with the customer's needs and goals. We take care to define KPIs and other performance metrics. Throughout the project, these metrics are analyzed, tracked, and reported on to allow for adjustments in the scale or scope of the project.

Global & Industry Proficiency

One of the largest firms in the space, Pactera has a global footprint, enabling us to draw on talent located almost anywhere in the world. Our recruitment teams’ expertise includes technical writing, web development, programming, software development, database design, network engineering, project management, administration, R&D, and technical support among many others.

Featured Case Studies

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    BACKGROUND Integration of Technology and Business Due to the group client insurance business is getting more and more difficult, our client would like to take advantage of tablet device so team leaders to have a better management and control of their team, and to have a...

    Staff Augmentation

    Smart TV Optimization

    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.

    Staff Augmentation
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