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Companies stake their reputations on their products – from the user experience, to their physical robustness, to their safety. One of the world’s most trusted testing partners, Pactera uses advanced technology, a structured approach, and our vast experience to help you deliver for your customers.

Testing Capabilities

The processes, tools, and best practices to ensure data security and product reliability.

Hardware Testing
Firmware Testing
Software Testing
Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Hardware Testing Pactera uses sophisticated test equipment to simulate extreme climatic conditions, vibrations, drops, and forceful end user handling. Highly accelerated life testing (HALT) determines likely failures in the shortest time. We also test hardware electronics for electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge, general electrical safety and regulatory compliance, and power issues.

Pactera can test firmware on a vast range of criteria, from performance, safety, UX, localization, mobile, cloud, big data, and documentation, among others. For every unique product type, we have a dedicated and specific knowledge base augmented with a large library of case studies. For businesses requiring pre-certification in WHQL, USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi-enabled products, Pactera has developed a robust testing process to support certification.

Testing Services

For software products, Pactera can provide testing for everything from usability, to installation, to compatibility, to localization, to performance. We use agile methods and provide MARS (Manual test Automatic Run System), an automated black-box testing solution for web applications.

With cyber security an ever more pressing issue for business – and product security flaws a real reputational risk – penetration and vulnerability testing is a critical piece of any product launch. As part of Pactera’s wider suite of cyber security services, we provide penetration and vulnerability testing for products, applications, and software.

Why Pactera?

Exceptional Record
One-Stop Provider
Advanced Processes & Practices

Exceptional Record

Pactera has consistently delivered extraordinary customer satisfaction at large scale. Our more than 7,000 software, web, and mobile testing experts are experienced with both automated and manual testing. The team has successfully implemented over 3,000 testing projects, with a customer retention rate of over 95%.

One-Stop Provider

Using a consistent, structured approach to security and product testing, Pactera engineers and testers provide complete, end-to-end testing solutions for electronic hardware, mechanical hardware, firmware, embedded systems, and software. Pactera offers its testing expertise across multiple verticals and products to ensure safety, security, and robustness.

Advanced Processes & Practices

Pactera deploys the latest performance testing technologies including OpenSTA, Loadrunner, Rational Performance Tester and Web Capacity Analysis Tool. We also deploy a home-grown test automation framework and tools, and a range of commercial, open-source, and proprietary automated scripts, to reduce the time and cost of testing.

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    Smart TV Optimization

    The client invited Pactera UX Team to optimize their smart TV initialization process.

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