Our Principles

At Pactera, an integral part of our value system is having and promoting a strong sense of social responsibility. We believe that we are in a unique position to contribute responsibly to economic development, while improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families, society and the environment. Therefore, we focus on inclusive educational, societal, and environmental corporate social responsibility efforts span multiple communities: Our Neighborhood, Our People, Our Clients, and Our World.

Our Neighborhood

Commitment to Community
Pactera cares for our surrounding community. Our employees, as individuals, work actively to improve the quality of life where we live. Our promise is to passionately deliver on our professional and personal commitments, and we are keeping our promise. Pactera sponsors cultural and educational events from our offices around the world.

  • Community support: Pactera encourages employees to participate in community events. The company has organized activities around helping outlying communities. Support includes both time-off for participation, as well as financial sponsorship.
  • Charity: Pactera regularly organizes employee donations for charitable causes, including educational assistance to children living in poverty and families affected by natural disasters. The company will match employee donations to these causes, as well as provide additional financial assistance.
  • Volunteering: In Wuxi, China, a “Love Our Community” team was established in 2009. They visit local orphanages and nursing homes on a regular basis, organizing various activities to engage senior citizens and orphan children. In recognition for outstanding community service, this team was awarded the title “Outstanding Youth Service Team” by local community leaders. The “Love Our Community” team was so successful that Pactera employees in Dalian, another major Chinese city, were inspired to also establish a local chapter.
  • Pactera established the Pactera Outreach Club to support over fifty charities including nursing homes, orphanages, and under-privileged elementary schools.


Commitment to Education

  • The Pactera Internship Program provides free training and internship opportunities to university students during their final semester, helping students build both technical and soft skills. Goals of the program include providing valuable job skills to students, as well as increasing the number of outstanding IT professionals available for recruiting. Upon graduation, there is no obligation to join Pactera, although many students choose to remain with the company.
  • Academics: Pactera is an active sponsor in academic programs, and holds regular contests inviting both students and professionals to take part in innovation competitions. Pactera also operates programs within the company to offer employees opportunities for continuing education, such as: The Talent Academy, The Project Manager Academy, and The Leadership Development Program.
  • Pactera actively participates in the academic community by contributing to research, lecturing, and regularly hosting visiting classes from leading academic institutions. A Stanford Graduate School of Business case study on Pactera has been included in MBA Organizational Behavior curriculum of that university.

Our People

Commitment to Staff
Pactera’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is designed to promote harmony, balancing economic growth with respect for our people, our community, and concern for the environment. The program consists of measures including cutting energy consumption, providing platforms for employee development, establishing up-to-date human resource management systems, and providing medical insurance and other benefits. The Employee Care Center is responsible for the well-being, health, stress management, and personal development of all our staff, as well as making extensive coaching and counseling services widely available. Physical and mental health are important facets of the kind of well-rounded employee workforce Pactera values.

Pactera administers a unique Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the first of its kind in our industry. The EAP is a free counseling service available to employees and family. Specific areas of counseling covered by the EAP include: legal counseling, parent-child communication, workplace relationships, work-life balance, mental health, and career development. To date, thousands of Pactera employees have attended the frequently-offered EAP seminars.

Our Clients

Client Orientation
Information Security is an important consideration for today’s international business community. As a leading global service provider with operation around the world, Pactera takes the intellectual property and information security of our clients very seriously. Pactera provides consulting and outsourcing solutions to the world’s leading businesses across a multitude of industries. Our customized delivery systems have earned the trust of Fortune 500 clients worldwide. Pactera focuses on building long-lasting relationships with our clients centered on providing quality service.

Client Experience
Pactera holds CMMI Service Model certification among other industry certifications that cement our role as an outstanding service provider for leading companies of the future. Pactera conducts customized training courses aimed at equipping our international workforce with the specific skills necessary to excel in each project. Our relationships with clients are long-term, with a delivery history for many current key clients stretching multiple decades.

Our World

Environment Initiatives: How Pactera contributes to a greener future
Pactera strives to protect the environment through many measures. We maintain recycling programs at our facilities to encourage conservation and re-use. Office temperatures, heating/cooling systems, and window shading is carefully regulated to control and optimize natural solar heating effects. Our sites also follow procedures for energy conservation including a “lights-out” policy for all not-in-use conference rooms and spaces. Minimal artificial lighting and maximum natural lighting is also practiced during daylight hours. Safety of our working environment is ensured by using office equipment that is compliant with Energy Star ratings and certified for low emissions. Pactera has also implemented a “Green Carbon Pledge” aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities as well as increase the energy efficiency of our work environments.

We support public transportation by providing daily shuttles for employee transportation between offices and subway stations. In addition, buses are chartered by Pactera and run during morning and evening commute times to carry employees to and from work. The company has also installed video-conference facilities at its offices to help reduce the need for air travel. Pactera makes an effort to use recyclable products and materials in our offices worldwide. These practices help us provide for the needs of our employees, while at the same time contributing to the cause for a greener environment. We thank our employees and customers for supporting us in these efforts.

Green IT: How can Pactera make your future greener?
Pactera’s consulting services help clients reduce their carbon footprint while significantly cutting overhead costs and improving the bottom line. Our consulting teams work to determine the smartest and most efficient resource allocation plan so that IT assets deliver the most value for the least cost.

Pactera has solid experience working with some of the biggest names in server virtualization. Our exclusive Offshore Development Center (ODC) for a market-leading virtualization software firm provides R&D services for flagship virtualization products. Through virtualization, hundreds of servers can be reduced to just a handful, reducing energy consumption, space cooling needs, and general IT expenditures. The result is an environmentally-friendly solution of improved IT functionality with greatly reduced costs.

Implementing a green IT strategy not only helps transform your company into a more sustainable and socially responsible corporate player, it also creates the basis to become a more profitable enterprise. From virtualization and algorithmic efficiency to cloud computing and power management, Pactera contributes IT knowledge and experience to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and IT expenditures at both our offices and those of our clients.